I'm a Project Manager for Commonwealth Hotels and I work with General Contractors on hotel renovations. I met LaMarca CM, LLC at a crucial point of a renovation. There was a project that was scheduled to begin within weeks. A deadline to complete per brand was in place. The day the contract for work was to be signed the GC backed out and said they couldn't complete the job. I had a hotel with a renovation completion deadline and no GC. LaMarca CM, LLC filled that void and fully gained my trust. We conversed extensively over a short period of time. LaMarca CM, LLC put together an aggressive schedule that would meet the required deadline, along with a highly competitive bid. Not only did they meet the deadline and budget but their attention to detail was superb. I personally go to properties to complete the punch lists and LaMarca CM, LLC did the little things that really make a job complete and the property appealing.
Since then we have awarded LaMarca CM, LLC multiple full hotel renovation projects. In the past 6 months they've been awarded nearly 4MM in work. They have shown the ability to minimize displacement with their aggressive scheduling, while also being able to display exceptional quality and attention to detail within the timeframe allotted. They provide a comprehensive schedule with turnover dates projected well in advance, dates in which they have achieved on a consistent basis. LaMarca CM, LLC and their team shows great passion for the hospitality industry and their experience is refreshing. They go about their business the right way and we have the utmost confidence in their capabilities.
I would ask you to consider LaMarca CM, LLC for any hospitality renovation needs of your company. strongly recommend the services of the company and I'm looking forward to working with LaMarca CM, LLC for future renovations.

- Zach Wilson - Project Manager - Commonwealth Hotels, LLC

LaMarca is a solid Hospitality General Contractor with a reputation for fast and efficient renovations. Their entire team, from ownership to the field is very responsive and communicative. It is refreshing to feel in good hands and allows me to focus on other work, knowing their experience and attention to detail will always shine through. I always look forward to having LaMarca on my projects.

- Michael Kurcz - Vice President of Renovations & Facilities, The Siegel Group

I have worked with LaMarca Construction on many projects. They have been an excellent partner in the hotel renovation program that I am on the construction management lead for.
I had an excellent experience working with them as a Field Project Manager / Field Construction Manager on several projects in Boston several years ago. The management of these projects was some of the best I have seen in my 5 years on this program. Their field teams were very professional, were very focused on the details and performed solid quality work.
I have also had many opportunities to work with LaMarca Construction on the pre-construction planning, contract negotiation, scope of work, inventory management, etc. for many hotel renovation projects. The accuracy, reliability and competitiveness of their pricing has always been very fair and spot on accurate. It is no coincidence that they perform excellent quality work in the field with the level of pre-construction planning they do in advance on every renovation.
They are very committed to their long-term client relationships, and in the uncommon event, always make sure they take care of any warranty items in a very timely manner without excuses, hassles or delays.
I personally recommend LaMarca Construction without hesitation.

- Andrew "Bear" Owings - Project Manager - Lendlease Corporation