About LaMarca

LaMarca Construction had a strong passion for hotel construction when the business was started by the LaMarca family in 2002. The business has grown substantially since then and so has its passion for the hotel industry. LaMarca Construction is a True hotel renovation specialist who’s focus is entirely within the hotel sector and prides itself on its ability to build strong client relationships and more importantly its ability to maintain those relationships.  Since its inception the company has specialized in branded hotel projects that consist of interior /exterior / facilities CapEx throughout the United States.


Areas We Have Serviced

The Green highlighted states represent states we have completed projects in.

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Interior Renovations

Need an update? We’ll work with you to determine the right design that fits your needs and wants. Our experienced team is up to the task and we guarantee 100% satisfaction every time.

Exterior Renovations

LaMarca is a team of expert exterior renovators that can upgrade hotel exteriors to fit your companies' needs. We specialize in commercial hotel exter and will work directly with you to create the perfect design for your space. Contact us to set up a consultation and discuss pricing!

Damage & Loss Restoration

Our team can handle Damage & Loss Restoration from small repairs, to extensive water, fire and smoke damage.